Who we are, what we do

Redjep is a French B2B services company based in Paris, Allevard and Marseille. It helps you to outsource digital strategy, marketing and communications skills to gain flexibility (and save money).

Advisory services

(always very « down to earth » and « efficiency driven », no useless theory)
- Create and drive a digital or cross-channel strategy (planning, budgets, resources)
- Ease change management through appropriate internal and external communication methods
- Give expert views on creative or editorial projects (app or website design, social media)
- Write presentations for a Management Committee…

Personal coaching

(the devil on your shoulder!, or just the person you want to tell everything about your company without losing your job)
- Prepare for individual assessment meetings
- Facilitate the change for an executive that may not have enough peer specialists around him/her
- Help an exec turn digital…

Project management

(you know what you want, you just want someone to get it done)
- Compare and select experts (agencies, media, developers, community managers)
- Design a cross-media client journey, a website, a mobile application
- Write functional specifications (web, mobile apps, etc.).
- Implement editorial platforms and calendars on social networks…

Team (or department) management

(when your key director is, for some serious reasons, absent)
- Day-to-day management of teams and suppliers
- Develop training plans for your French (newly acquired) teams
- Help CRM principles go mobile…

Redjep’s service is targeted at French companies, but it can also satisfy foreign companies wishing to take a first step in France. Its collaborators can also deliver Redjep's quality in any French or English-speaking country.

Our beliefs / culture

French companies are somehow less familiar with outsourced management than North European ones, and often reserve it for top-level (General Manager) or highly technical (HR, CFO) positions. On the other hand they hire consultant firms, advertising, PR or digital marketing agencies, but may be sometimes frustrated by these non-fully-integrated resources.

Redjep aims to provide digital strategy, marketing and communications expertise and resources in a flexible, open and collaborative approach;
- integrated or not,
- part-time or full-time,
- short-term or mid-term,
- for strategic planning or project management,
- with tailored contracts,
- with total commitment to its clients’ expectations.

Our motto is to invite doubtful clients to "test". Communications, marketing, and sales, have always been fields of high personal commitment, governed by partners’ mutual trust. We understand some managers are hesitant about having these resources "outside" their permanent staff. We 1) strongly believe that a controlled outsourcing strategy is a good way of reducing human risk, and 2) place knowledge management and corporate identity at the very heart of our concerns, as we must guarantee our clients that they will not be lost or diluted while outsourcing with us.

Outsourcing in France can really deliver you more satisfaction and efficiency than classic recruitment.

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